Prema Mehta, founder of Stage Sight, says it is critical for art and culture to reach a wider community, and is made by everyone, for everyone.


Change is coming, but we must work together


We must ensure that, when our industry returns to strength, it does so because it includes everyone.


We are talking about the creation of a new identity – about building a sector that reflects our society today.


A new vision to deliver work that is relevant, whist revisiting how we create work under new leadership

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Lighting Design

Prema has twenty years of experience as a lighting designer. She has lit over 200 productions across the UK, Europe and US. Prema was nominated for the h100 Awards 2019 for the theatre and performance category. The h100 Awards recognises and celebrates the most innovative and diverse talent throughout the UK.

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Prema used her experience as a British Asian female lighting designer to become the Founder of Stage Sight, an organisation that has over 200+ members making practical change to create an offstage workforce that is inclusive of class, ethnicity and disability and reflects our society today. >

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