‘Prema Mehta’s lighting stains the setting with the blush of dawn, the fire of sunset and the glow of the moon.’ 

Sam Marlowe, The Times for A Passage to India

‘It is stunningly lit by Prema Mehta.’

Alun Hood, What’s On Stage for Coming Up

‘Perhaps the real star, however, is the combination of Miriam Buether’s set, Prema Mehta’s lighting design and Macdonald’s directorial vision… This is a visually striking production’

Kate Kirkpatrick, BroadwayWorld for What If If Only

‘Perfectly lit by Prema Mehta’

Sarah Crompton, What’s On Stage for What If If Only

‘What this talented team have created is extraordinary, something visually and vocally closer to the Japanese aesthetic than to anything Western. It will be fascinating to see what these people do next.’

Michael Church, The Independent for Last Days

‘Andrzej Goulding’s video design and Prema Mehta’s lighting flood the stage so terrifyingly that we almost fumble under seats for lifejackets..’

Mark Lawson, The Guardian for The Taxidermist’s Daughter

‘What truly shines are the show’s excellent lighting.’

Paige Cochrane, BroadwayWorld for The Taxidermist’s Daughter

‘Artfully lit by Prema Mehta’

Sam Marlowe, inews for The Taxidermist’s Daughter

‘The journey unfolded with a vibrant burst of colours…. Creative light heightened its picturesque effect…. Maaya will be remembered by audiences as a professional performance for livening upstones and spreading galaxy of colours inside the magnificent iconic architecture of Westminster Hall.’  

Suparna Banerjee, Confluence for Maaya

‘The stage is sumptuously lit with candles; the show has its very own candle consultant, Prema Mehta.’

Natasha Sutton Williams, Culture Whisper for Swive

‘Prema Mehta’s lighting expertly carves out small alcoves of light’

Susannah Clapp, The Guardian for Hymn

‘Lighting by Prema Mehta and the soundscape by Gregory Clarke allow Chakrabarti’s scenes to segue seamlessly into one another.’ 

Tom Birchenough, for Hymn

‘The lighting design by Prema Mehta was outstanding, possibly one of my favourite uses of lighting to date’ 

Jenn McKean, North West End for Fame

‘Mehta’s lighting gives the blank walls various textures and each of them mimics patterns of wallpaper or different hues of paint – but the walls appear brush-stroked by an artist rather than a roller and the women appear to be walking talking paintings come to life’ 

Always Time For Theatre for Talking Heads

‘It is stunningly lit by Prema Mehta and worth seeing for that alone.’  

Cecily Boys, The British Theatre Guide for Ring Cycle

‘Evocatively lit by Prema Mehta.’ 

Clare Brennan, The Observer for Wipers

‘Prema Mehta creates a stunning frame to Erica Whyman’s direction.’ 

Rachel Louise Martin, West End Best Friend for Hamnet

‘Every aspect of this production is top notch with beautiful lighting from Prema Mehta.’

All That Dazzles for Mad House

‘Mad House shines creatively, courtesy of haunting interludes by Isobel Waller-Bridge and flickering lights by Prema Mehta.’

Sophie Thomas, London Theatre for Mad House

‘Prema Mehta’s clever use of lighting and juxtaposition of tense bright glares with adrenaline filled strobes, perfectly amplifies the action.’

Yasmin Rufo, Evening Standard for Cruise

‘Prema Mehta’s lighting is so strong, that it feels as slick as an edit in a film.’

Glenn Meads, I Love Manchester for Cruise

‘Prema Mehta’s remarkable lighting design becoming its own character.’

The Theatre Talk for Cruise

‘Visually the play is stunning, light, sound and set design work in harmony to create an intense atmosphere.’

Amy Rye, Lost in Theatreland for Further Than the Furthest Thing

‘Prema Mehta’s lighting marries fantastically while George Dennis’ sound design ensures the whole thing is magically atmospheric.’

Daz Gale, All That Dazzles for Further Than the Furthest Thing

‘The famous ‘pursued by a bear’ exit gets a gorgeous, expressionistic interpretation – a stormy moment of stage magic, in which sound, lighting (Prema Mehta), design and movement (Anna Morrissey) coalesce in terrifying beauty.’ 

Naomi Obeng, The Stage for The Winter’s Tale

‘Aided by the brass-bordered rostrums of the set, candle consultant Prema Mehta has developed an addition to the theatre’s lighting not seen before and it is used very significantly; a candle extinguished may be a life snuffed out.’  

Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide for Swive

‘Prema Mehta’s lights cast a cinematic and amplifying tone.’  

Gabriel Wilding for Hymn

‘Prema Mehta uses light and dark in clever ways to heighten the drama and delicately remind us of its theatricality.’ 

Arifa Akbar, The Guardian for Hymn

‘Lighting (Prema Mehta) is immensely impressive, the windows in the model house all lighting up and the illusions neatly disguised.’ 

Chris White, for The Canterville Ghost

‘Lit inventively and beautifully by Prema Mehta that when the stars and stripes appear it’s pure west end.’ 

Brett Herriot, ScotsGay Arts for Fame

‘It truly is a beautiful set design from Laura Ann Price, accompanied by Prema Mehta’s atmospheric lighting design that enhances the emotions and mood of each monologue…to beautiful effect’ 

Adam Bruce, On stage blog for Talking Heads